April 15, 2007 at 5:16 am (adoption, adoption reform, birthmother, birthparents, first mother)

Team Quets has come up with some shirts and stickers to show support for Allison.

This case is finally getting national attention now that the Dr. Phil show aired. The show was pretty god all things considered.

He did go into great detail about her illness and how it was used against her. He did say she did not belong in jail. I never heard him refer to her as a birthmom. (could have missed it though) He was very kind to Allison. Plus the petition jumped considerably after the show so how can I not see it as a good thing?

I really do think the show was good but it makes me a little sad and frustrated. Part of me is screaming inside. If she had not had such a horrid illness would anyone care that this was done to her? What about the thousands of mothers that are treated like this every year? What about the agencies that are targeting scared pregnant women as we speak?

I have heard over and over that this case is rare in adoption. Let me clear that up real quick. The way Allison was treated is not rare. Look around at all the support groups and blogs for moms. The thing that is rare is that anyone is listening.



  1. angele said,

    thanks meggipoo!!!!! you are amazing and i love you for all your help, wisdom, compassion and volunteerism…

  2. HeatherRainbow said,

    He refused to call her a birth mom, stating that she is the Mother. He also refused to call the Needhams adoptive parents, because he said he was not clear that that was what they were, that they instead could be called custodians.

    Allison also made statements like, “I hope that I can change things, so that this doesn’t happen to other women.”

    She’s also said (In Canada, I believe) that she felt fortunate that she was able to fight for as long as she has. She said that many women that this happens to do not have the resources she did.

    She really is trying to bring awareness to the media.

    And thank you ((((Aislin)))) You are an incredible person. You are so strong and brave to be putting so much time and energy into helping other mothers, while your wounds are so fresh. You are very powerful.

  3. tld2cool said,

    If more people listened then they’d have to do something about it. It seems that they’d rather be ignorant of it then do anyhting about the real issues.

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