Stephanie Bennett

April 16, 2007 at 11:33 am (adopted, adoptee, adopting, adoption, adoption reform, birthmother, birthparents, cbs, first mother, help, justice, law, Uncategorized)

This won’t be as well written as many of the blogs going up today. This case really hits close to home for me. I am sure to get a bit emotional about it.

Stephanie is a young mother. After being threatened by the father of her child she did what any smart person would do. She asked for help. She went to the school counselor at her High School. Did she get help?

Hell no. She got an adoption brochure and an appointment with an adoption agency. They helped themselves to her child. They met her one time and then helped her to run away from home and sign adoption papers.

Surely adoption was the only way to protect her and her family from the babies father. And of course she must run away from home so her parents wouldn’t interfere. So she loses her child and her parents lose their grandchild. Perfect fix.

When she changes her mind the people who have her child immediately go into hiding. The agency tells them to hide the baby. And the court battle begins.

I want all of you to really think about this one. Think how you would feel if it was your daughter and grandchild. Think about how you would feel if you grew up and found out this is how you were adopted. Think about what is going to happen to this 17 year old mother if her child is not returned. Think about what her family is going to be forced to watch happen to her.

She is 17. I was much older when it happened to me. Let me tell you it is ugly and brutal. I had been trough a lot of things in my life that made me what I consider pretty strong. Still I was broken and destroyed by adoption. I fully admit to numerous suicide attempts. I have lost months of my life just crying in bed. I suffer PTSD and major depression. And this isn’t even the really bad stuff I can’t admit to yet.

This is what Stephanie will be doomed to. Is this something we want to let happen in our society? Is this what we have become as a nation? Is money more important than morality? Are we willing to watch a 17 year old girl destroyed by a totally unregulated industry? Are we willing to let a child grow up never knowing how much her family loves and misses her? Are we going to let unethical practices and skirting of the law win?

I sure hope not. If this is something the American people can let happen then I will hang my head in shame.

Make it right people. We can save a whole family or we can let it be destroyed. We can stand up and be heard or we can crawl away with a whimper. I chose to be heard. Please help this family.



  1. mom2one said,

    Oh, this is well-written. Heart-breaking, important too because it truly provides a first-hand account — for which I’m truly sorry. *hugs*

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