Today I wept

April 18, 2007 at 7:56 am (adopted, adoptee, adopting, adoption, adoption reform, birthmother, birthparents, cbs, first mother, help, justice, law, Stephanie Bennett, Uncategorized)

Today I wept for a girl I have never even met. I sobbed for that girl. I buried my face in my pillow and screamed her name.


Today is her beautiful baby’s first birthday and she isn’t there. She isn’t making cakes or wrapping presents. She won’t get to help that little girl make her first birthday wish ever. There won’t be silly pictures of them both in their birthday hats.

No matter what happens now that can never be given back to this young mother. She was robbed of this day by people who acted no better than kidnappers. How many more days will she be robbed of?

I am only a scant 6 months farther along in this journey than Stephanie and I pray that she never makes it to this point. I pray justice is done and she is with her child by then.

I remember the first birthday well. The throbbing pain in my chest. Aching empty arms. The horrible gross empty thing my stomach had become. The lump in my throat. The tears constantly threatening to spill down my face.

Don’t kid yourself people. Today Stephanie is in hell. But she doesn’t have to stay there. We can rise up and say that this is not something we will tolerate. We can help this young mother live again.

Today I am sending you all my strength Stephanie. Every little crumb I have of it is being sent your way.



  1. Possum said,

    Hi Aislin,
    I’m really sad for Stephanie and her baby E today.
    Great post.
    I’m adding you to my links, K??
    Hugs, Poss. xx

  2. aislin13 said,

    Link away. Heehee that sounds funny. Probably cause my kitten is named Link.

  3. momseekingpeace said,

    This post just gets me everytime, it so honestly shares the pain.

  4. Margie said,

    You are right – Evelyn’s birthday is something that was stolen from Stephanie Bennet. I sincerely hope Evelyn is back home long before the next one.

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. Sandy said,

    thank you for this moving post, Aislin. It touched me deeply, as I know the pain they are suffering as only one who has lived it can. Your post put it all into words.

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