Medical Bills??

May 1, 2007 at 9:13 am (Uncategorized)

I have heard this a lot recently. I swear I thought I was the only one. After a recent comment on my blog and some real life situations, I have to ask. How many moms were left with all the medical bills?

Is this a new trend? In my case I had to raise hell to get the medical bills paid after my daughter was taken. It took three months and my credit is now shot from it. Its not that I would have been upset paying my child’s medical bills. The point was that they needed to give her back. I would have gladly paid every last penny if I could have just had her. To be clear this was not the bill from labor and delivery. I paid that myself. It was bills after tehy had stolen her from me and refused to let me see her.

I have a dear friend that is fighting over this same thing now. The bills have already been refered to a collection agency so her credit is shot also. The reason for refusing to pay the bills in her case is nothing more than blackmail and punishment. She had the nerve to talk to the child’s father when they didn’t want her to. So now she is screwed yet again.

Now there is a heartbreaking comment on my blog from another mom. Her story is shockingly similar to my won ( I know I need to write that out for you all) She fights to get her baby returned and is left with medical bills and empty arms. Her fight isn’t over so pray she wins and fills those arms with her precious child.

So this is what I want to know. How many of use have they done this to? If you dealt with this please leave me a comment or email me(I think my email is on here)



  1. HeatherRainbow said,

    My medical bills were paid by medicaid, so I didn’t have any. I didn’t see the doctor except once for my followup, and never went to see a doctor again in reference to my pregnancy. So… I was not left with medical bills.

    Course… me being on medicaid was one of the key words of how they found me in the first place.

  2. Bear's Mommy said,

    My medical bills came to $15,000. Insurance paid for 10,000 of it and we were left to pay the remaining $5,000. Yeah that really bit. I was pissed.

  3. Lara said,

    Not only did they leave me with medical bills from doctor visits and from the hospital, they decided to send me the bill from my daughter’s first pediatric appointment. (this was of course sometime after they took my daugther home) The biological father chose to pay that one off for me. They also were angry that I teamed up with the biological father in order to get her back. Obviously, the adopted couple STILL THINK I am the mother.. he he. I cant wait to show my daughter the bills when she gets older. They said that if I didn’t contest the adoption, then they WOULD PAY for the bills. If I did contest, they wouldn’t. This was their offer to me. Even though they had my baby from day one. Hmm.. sounds like MORE pressure to me. So this gave me an extra kick of anger that I needed to go forth and persue my plans to contest. Nothing could stop me from fighting. They are crazy if they think that a bribe of money would stop me from fighting for my daughter. They know that I lack financially there of. That bribe is sickening to me.

  4. HeatherRainbow said,

    Go Lara! Sending strength to you in your fight. And to all of us, who continue to fight for our children, any way we can, which sometimes is just by surviving.

  5. aislin13 said,

    The bill I got stuck with was for the hospital room my daughter was in after she was born. If it had been my room I would have no problem paying. However it was a private room given to the adopters on the maternity ward after I gave birth. That room was used to keep my child away from me while in the hospital. I asked for her several times yet she stayed in that private adopter room. It was their damn room and I refuse to pay for a room that they used to steal my child.

  6. Lara said,

    Thank You Heather for your encouragement. Its nice to hear those words. Don’t hear that very often as you can imagine.. πŸ™‚ Its nice meeting you. I truly appreciate your kindness as well as Aislin’s. Yes, I agree if you survive this you are strong. That is a BIG fight in itself. Aislin, I am sorry that you got stuck with that bill. Sounds like the AC are a bit like the ones I stupidly chose.. πŸ™‚ Especially for the room that THEY USED. Thats repulsive. I am glad that you refuse to pay it. If the AC have your baby period they should be paying for all medical bills regardless. This would be the most Ethical/moral thing to do. If they refuse to pay, they should flat out give us our babies back because by doing that, they are giving us parental responsibilities. Just like how the law forces unwed fathers to pay child support. Well when they pay child support, they are entitled to visitation. So if they are going to do this.. we should have the God given right to our children. This is my way of looking at it.

  7. c'est moi said,

    finally got the b***h to pay them aislin! yeah…i spoke to the father, hoping to work out ANYTHING but adoption…so SUE me!!! WTF ever huh? but yeah…she paid it finally…not that it brings my baby home…but it is a little less insult to heinous pschycological injury huh?

    now im gonna request they repair my credit..i will letch know if it flies!!! LOL love you…me

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