May 10, 2007 at 12:48 am (Uncategorized)

It also helped us raise $10,000 towards our birthparent outreach, so we are now 1/5 of the way to our goal of $50,000. Thank you to everyone who donated. It was a wonderful response, and we are looking forward to the expansion of our outreach program to birthparents and adoption services providers.

What exactly is birthparent outreach??

development of more specifically targeted internet advertising; and a complete re-evaluation of where, why, and toward whom we are focusing our advertising and marketing dollars.

Ok I think I get it now. So here are some suggestions on how to use that money more wisely. How about you have some support groups for first parents instead of the ones currently available for just APs? How about you actually provide some of that life time professional counseling you advertise. I mean real counseling instead of the 10 minute long distance phone call.

Another novel idea, why don’t you put some of that money into a factual information package for parents considering adoption. That would be swell!


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