Baby Stealing 101

July 29, 2007 at 8:00 am (adopted, adoptee, adopting, adoption, adoption reform, birthmother, birthparents, first mother, help, justice, law, Stephanie Bennett)

It seems like there are more and more cases of questionable “adoptions” in the news lately. Honestly it is starting to make me sick. I have had adoptive parents ask me where they get this reputation as baby stealers. Well folks, here it is. People like this being called adoptive parents is what does it. They are the entire reason. If you want that reputation to change help get rid of people like this…..

I am sure most of you have heard of Jamie Kiefer. A devastated mother whose child was taken from her. In her desperation she took her baby back. I see two main culprits in this story. The first is Jamie’s husband Danny. He made Jamie quit work when she was 8 months pregnant. He systematically isolated her from family and friends. Going so far as taking her to another town to give birth so no one could visit her. He then brings in culprit number 2, Jennifer. Jennifer has wanted a baby so he brings her to the house to see Jamie. The two set out to convince a clinically depressed Jamie that Jennifer should adopt the baby. Jamie did not call an agency or seek out people to adopt baby Cali. They came into her home and bullied her into it. Within 3 days baby Cali was baby Madison. 3 Days!!!!!!!!! Jamie quickly let them know she wanted her baby back but did they care? Of course not, they both had what they wanted. Jennifer had a baby and Danny had gotten rid of the child that wasn’t his. The more I find out about this story the more I think it is Danny and Jennifer that should be sitting in jail.

Next there is the sad but all too common case of Cody O’Dea. A father who very much wanted his child. A father that did everything right. He made sure he was on the putative father’s registry. He wrote letters to the adoption agency saying in no way would he consent to the adoption of his baby. He told the mother numerous times how he felt. It should have been simple. But noooooo. The mother went to an agency out of state and placed the child anyway. The out of state agency was completely aware of Cody’s wishes. He has fought from day one. His child should have been returned to him months ago. The adoptive parents have known about how this child was acquired yet can not even be bothered to give Cody a picture of his now 1 yr old child.  For more about Cody go to

And let’s not forget Stephanie Bennet who still is without her baby.

I am quickly losing faith in this world. People like this get what they want at the expense of mothers and babies. Lately it seems like no one cares. Please prove me wrong and help stop this!



  1. Kelly said,


    This makes me sick to my stomach. What have Stephanie, Cody, or Jamie ever done to these people to be treated so unfairly? Nothing at all. They just all had something they wanted; a precious baby. How can we allow people like this to raise children? They should of giving the babies back; when they realized this isn’t what any of the parents wanted.

    I am here to help you STOP THIS MADNESS:(

    Hugs from Atlanta,

  2. Mary said,

    Ya know Aislin, exactly how I feel about this.. I am with you on this one. The wrong people are in jail, what surprises me is that more mothers don’t go to this extreme! Just remember we are fighting and we will not rest until there is justice for all mothers who have lost their children! Love ya babe!

  3. Sandi said,

    Not sure who you are blaming here….society? The people that adopted these kids? The agencies or lawyers that have the signed papers from the first mom’s? Does not make sense to me. Anyone..first mom or not coming into a home with a loaded gun, tying up a person and then taking the child…is this a sane person? Should this person have custody of a child? Don’t think so. I do feel for the father (Cody)…does the state that the first mom went to not have any laws for bio dads? Not sure who Stephanie is…did she sign off her rights to someone or had her child stolen. I have to say…not feeling too much sympathy for Jaime.

  4. aislin13 said,

    The gun was loaded? Wow you get much more info than the rest of us. I don’t really condone having a gun at all but the whole thing should have been prevented in the first place. A woman suffering from severe PPD is not capable of making a life altering decision. A wanna be adopter has no business going into a depressed woman’s home to convince her to sign anything. It screams of coersion. So in this case yes I blame the adopter, the husband and society that did not help a woman with PPD.

    With Cody, the state of Utah has laws to prevent father’s from having rights. That is why so many agencies bring women there to give birth. The laws are against first parents from the moment they cross the state line. The people who are holding his child have known he wants her from the begining so they do hold some responsibility. The agency holds much more.

    Yes Stephanie had her child stolen. Many many first parents do. I am really not in the state of mind to educate tonight so maybe you should read up on coersion and unethical adoptions. Those signed papers you hold so dear are usually signed under duress, while heavily medicated or by other people.

  5. Kelly said,


    Loaded gun? You know that for a fact? Jamie wasn’t the person; carrying the gun. No; I don’t agree with guns either. But; this mother was pushed in to a corner. Yes; Daniel should have taking steps to get Jamie help for her PPD.

    Cody; has been wronged by the mother; and this society. He has followed all steps; that were asked of him. Yet; his baby girl has been loss to adoption for over a year.

    Stephanie; was a young scared mother. The guidance counselor; should be ashamed! Stephanie; as well; as Jamie both signed under duress.

    I have yet to meet a mother who didn’t feel force into her decision.

  6. Michelle said,

    Loaded or not, the gun should have never been pointed to the head of another human being. (Especially the 6-year-old) Jamie helped. She was there!

  7. aislin13 said,

    Ummm who said guns were ok? Sure as hell wasn’t me. However, stealing children from vunerable people is equally as violent and traumatic. Not to mention you have no clue if the gun was pointed at anyone’s head. It is a nice attempt at being dramatic. Gives a nice mental image. So here’s a mental image for you. Women drugged or tied to beds while their children are ripped from their wombs and given to strangers. Not a pleasent image huh? For some people its a reality in their lives. If that is acceptable to you as a human being thenI have no desire to know you or speak to you further. These are not stories of legal ethical adoptions. They are baby stealing. Read a little better next time

  8. Kelly said,

    Yes; I never said I condone guns either; and I have my doubts any one pointed the gun to little boy Erickson’s head. Jamie; was there; that is correct; she was there to get her baby back. I would hold: Jennifer, and Matt; in high regards if they had just handed Cali; back to her mother. I am a mother; who loss a son to adoption; and I can tell you; I didn’t know where my son was; so I couldn’t go get him back. But; I did try to kill myself; with a bottle of Prozac; and fortunately I am still here; someone was looking out for me. How can we blame this family? They were crazy with grief. There is no way any one can tell me; they understood adoption.

  9. aislin13 said,

    You know Kel, maybe that should be my next post. The high rates of suicide and attempted suicide in first mothers. Suicide is also overly represented in the adoptee community. The very fact that almost all first mothers and adoptees will be diagnosed with PTSD is scary enough. PTSD is very serious. Everything that causes PTSD is seen as a horrid thing except adoption. Anyway, I will save that for another post

  10. Michelle said,

    The gun was pointed to the 6-year-old! I am not being dramatic! Anyone with maternal instincts would not have done that to another child. How do you know that Jamie isn’t lying? She is. The baby was NOT stolen. Jamie GAVE her up. You need to have the facts before you draw such conclusions.

  11. aislin13 said,

    And you need to learn to read as well as learn some manners before you comment on other people’s blogs. Yet again, How do you know what happened in that house? Were you there? IF you were then Hi Jennifer. Jamie could not have given her child up as you put it because she was suffering from severe PPD. I find it funny that you only comment on the one story in this whole post. Why don’t you go read some before you come back and try to tell me I am wrong. You are very ignorant of adoption issues. I find your comments rather comical. You are not even coming close to changing my mind or getting me to stop talking about what I see as a grave injustice. How about this, you go do some actual research before you come on my blog telling me what to do, think or feel.

  12. Kelly said,

    Jamie has never denied signing that piece of paper. If you are calling someone a liar; get your facts straight. And; how is little boy Erickson 6? When we all know Jennifer isn’t his momma; and she keeps saying; her; and Matt have waited for 6 years for a baby. Math doesn’t add up does it? But; that is none of my concern; Cali is my concern. Cali; and what this is doing to her family. Though; hmmmm; something did just catch my attention typing this; they waited 6 years for a baby; which I know is a lie; because they are not registered at any agencies. And I wonder how little boy Erickson; is going to feel about that? Is he going to think I wasn’t enough when he is older? This; is a case that needs to be stopped; before more people get hurt. Daniel; I am hoping realizes that this is his little niece; and doesn’t want this any more. I know he wants what is best for Dominic; and having his sister with him; is what is best for Dominic.

  13. Michelle said,

    Jamie Kiefer needs to be held accountable for her decisions. First, it was her decision to cheat on her husband with his brother. The blame has been placed on Jimmy for being “a smooth talker”. Jamie, not Danny, also chose to contact an adoption agency (She later chose the Ericksons). She blames Jennifer E. and Danny for that. She also decided to commit several federal crimes and blames “sickness”. When should she be held accountable for her own actions?

  14. Kelly said,


    Jamie contacted an agency? Until you have proof; do not come here with accusations. Jamie; is paying a very high price for an affair. Who are you to judge an affair? Jimmy; is also paying a price. Jamie; never chose Jennifer; why would she? From what I see; Jennifer Erickson; is a very selfish young lady. I actually; almost feel for Matt. Matt; you know now; Jamie wasn’t counseled on her decision; so take the high road; please. You can talk to us; after Jennifer manipulates you out of your baby/child. And; then point your fingers about crime. PPD; is a very serious illness:( Danny; yes I am sorry he is a hurt man. But; Danny needs to realize adoption is a life time sentence; and tears a family apart. This is not what Danny wants for Dominic; I know that for a fact.

  15. aislin13 said,

    Oh so PPD is not an illness. Thank you for your expert medical opinion. I am rushing out to tell all my doctor friends right now. I am sure the millions of women that suffer from it will be relieved to know you don’t deem it an illness anymore. Guess we can all stop suffering from it now since its not an illness. If only stupidity was as easy to cure!
    Your not going to change my opinions with your trite little comments. You are only reassuring me that my opinion of your intellegence is correct. It is obvious that you can not comprehend what you read or you wouldn’t be saying the same dumb*** thing every comment. Try a new argument this one is old. Have an original thought maybe. Grow a set. IDK just do something new and exciting cause this is getting very very boring and way to easy for me.

  16. A friend said,

    “ext there is the sad but all too common case of Cody O’Dea. A father who very much wanted his child. A father that did everything right. He made sure he was on the putative father’s registry. He wrote letters to the adoption agency saying in no way would he consent to the adoption of his baby. He told the mother numerous times how he felt. ”

    You don’t know what he told the mother. All you know is what his family has posted on their libelous website. Did they bother to tell you that when the mother told him she was pregnant, he offered her illegal drugs to “calm her down?” He never told her he wanted the baby, just that she wasn’t “allowed” to place the baby. He never offered to raise the baby, his mother did…and she was more of a stranger to the mother than the adoptive couple.
    He refused to come discuss ANY parenting options with her, also refused to answer any questions by her of if he had a job, and if he could support the child. All he and his family did was try to intimidate, harrass and threaten the mother. He never even tried to provide any financial support whatsoever. He just tried to control this mother through her pregnancy, which is why she told him she had miscarried(which I do not condone.)
    The O’dea family refuses to accept ANY responsibility for their part in this mess. Claiming Cody has stepped up to the plate and done everything that he should have is just lies. And bottom line is he didn’t take the legal actions needed to establish his paternal rights. That is not the mother’s fault. She told him to get a lawyer to make sure his rights were protected, so did LDS family services.You can see that for yourself on the letter they posted on their own website. The O’dea family is very good at portraying themselves as victims, but they victimized themselves.
    Remember, there are 3 sides to this story, theirs, the mother’s and the real truth. One should not take the O’dea’s side as fact.

    They will have their day in court. I just hope the court takes into consideration the LAW, not the emotional ramblings of a woman who is angry because the mother of this baby would not be controlled by her harrassment. Notice who is doing ALL of the speaking on their side. I don’t think Cody is allowed to speak, I wonder why?

  17. aislin13 said,

    I think you have misunderstood. No one is blaming the mother of Cody’s child. I am sure she was used and manipulated. Do I think she did the right thing in leaving the state? No but i am sure she had that pushed on her. I seriously doubt she came up with the idea of going to one of the most adoption friendly states on her own. And the very fact that he said he didn’t want the baby placed is enough for me. That child should have stayed with family period. AS for why Cosy can’t speak, I would guess the same reason Stephanie Bennett can’t. In these cases there is usually a gag order on the parents. The rest of your comment I won’t degnify with a response

  18. Kelly said,

    Hmmmm; my guess is Ashley; will blame her mother one day; the way I blame my mother. No one is blaming Ashley!!! How could we? She was manipulated like the rest of us; is my guess. I am sorry; the mother; and her parents who do not decide where the baby goes. The decision should be Cody; and Ashley’s. Yes; I think grandparents have rights if they are in the best interest of the child. I am a daughter; who was I am sure in the same position as Ashley; so my heart goes out to her. And; Cody; I know from the man he is; will allow Ashley to see their daughter. Ashley; has no idea of the effects of adoption loss; no one explains that to momma do they ladies? But; I bet we could tell you now.

    I know the O’Dea family; so your comment holds no value to me. If you are a friend; of Ashley’s you should not want her to lose her first-born child. If you understood adoption loss; you would reconsider your comment.

  19. A friend said,

    Both of your are projecting your experiences into this case and it just isn’t true. So you think the fact that Cody stated he didn’t want the baby placed is enough? Even though he wouldn’t state how he planned on supporting it?
    I am a family member of the mother. Our family has already been subjected to horrible emails from those who are anti-adoption,emails calling Ashley a bitch, a whore, so I am not going to reveal my relationship to her. But she was not coerced or forced by anyone, including her mother. Her mother would have supported whatever decision she made.
    Ashley truely believed she was giving her baby the best life possible, a mother and a father.
    There is no gag order in the case, if there is a controlling mother it is Cody’s. If she would have allowed Cody to come and talk to Ashley, the outcome of all this would more than likely be very different.
    Also, she hasn’t lost her first-born child. The adoption is very open and our family feels we haven’t lost a child, we have gained more family. The same could have been said for the O’deas if they wished it.
    You don’t KNOW the O’deas. All you know is what they portray on their website. How do you know what are in the best interests of the child? Just because Cody holds open a door?I have no doubt if they got this baby(which they won’t) They would poison her mind against Ashley and her family.
    And don’t give me that nobody “blames” Ashley. I have seen the rude comments and email messages from the anti-adoption crowd.
    I will say one thing, Ashley’s family has taken the high road in this. They aren’t plastering slanderous and libelous comments all over the internet.
    The law will prevail, the RIGHT thing will happen, and this child will stay right where she belongs. With a very loving family and we will continue to have a relationship with her.

  20. aislin13 said,

    Ok I am sorry other people sent Ashley anything rude but I am far from responsible for them or their actions. I reread my post and don’t see a single place that I was rude or blamed her. If you have issues with ither people I suggest you go bother them. At least pick a fight with the right people.
    How exactly do you know who Kel or I know? You don’t even have a clue who I am. For all you know I live in the house right next to you. You can say whtever you want but the fact is that you don’t have any damn idea who I know or don’t know. Stating that you do not only makes you stupid it makes you a liar.
    Yes I believe Cody saying he does not want his child place with strangers is enough. Like it or not he is that baby’s father. He should have every right to raise that child no matter how you feel about him or his mother. The time to decide he was not worthy of being the father of your family member was before conception.
    As for all your claims about how Ashley feels and thinks, I will just wait for Ashley to say it herself. I rarely just take the word of random strangers on the internet as fact.
    Ok and yet again, This is my blog. I will say whatever I feel like saying on it. If you do not like it do not read it. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Feel free to go start your own blog if you feel the need. I promise I will not be nearly as rude as you are by telling you how to feel or think on yours. I was raised to have manners and respect

  21. Kelly said,

    A friend,

    You are ok with the baby; being raised by another family??? Hmmm; thats fine. In my household; we take care of family!! I do not agree with adoption; and you will never get me to. This is Aislin’s blog; so stop being rude; and leaving nasty comments. If you think us anti-adoption people are so horrible; go start your own blog; as Aislin has stated; about us; we will not intrude on your space. And; I have no respect for a person who will not reveal theirself. You do not know who I; or Aislin knows.

    Ashley; I will want to talk to in 14 years; when BABY O’DEA; is 15 years old. Yes; I highly doubt she will be so ok; with this then.

    Melinda; I see you do not like!! Get over yourself; she is the Grandma with morals!!!!!!!!!! You want to fight that point; then reveal who you are? Hmm; maye Ashley’s mom? If you agree with this; why are you worry about what us anti-adoption people say? Maybe; because you have a little common sense; to know we understand adoption loss; you do not.

    Cody; should not have to agree to have an open adoption! Our society; has made adoption something it wasn’t intended to be. Adoption; was for homeless children! Baby O’Dea; has a home; any judge will see that; with a heart. This case has went on way to long!!!!!! And; I would love to know how these adoptive parents sleep at night? They should not be adopting; they have no conscience!

    So Cody; should embrace people who have kept his baby from him over a year? UGH; how sick is that!!!! Cody; is, and always will be Baby O’Dea’s father; and she will know the pain all of you have caused her father; and his family. Yes; this will cause Baby O’Dea pain too; because what are you going to tell her; Daddy never wanted you; none of you will get away with that; to much proof that he never agreed to this. Cody; has rights; get over your selfishness!!! I was thinking about this in the car today; you are quick to point out Cody’s faults; he’s a young man; he is allowed to have faults; no one is perfect! Ashley; I am sure has faults to; but you aren’t pointing them out; why is that?

  22. Kelly said,

    A friend,

    WTF; I just caught you called Baby O’Dea “it”; we all know that I don’t take well to that. You have no idea about babies; I can see; they are not “it”; they are human beings just like me, and you. So; if you decide to do that again on one of our blogs; expect me to do a post just for you; on my blog.

  23. aislin13 said,

    Figured I should post a little warning. I have been very nice so far but I am getting sick of it. SO from now on I will not be nice. This is my blog period. If you choose to start a fight with me then you get what you deserve. I will not be told what to think or feel on my personal blog anymore. So think before you comment

  24. A friend said,

    I was not trying to start a fight. I was trying to present another side to this story. And I was not being rude whatsoever. I am not trying to tell anyone how to think or feel.
    Yes, it is obvious I have different feelings about adoption than you do. I can agree to disagree with you and even do it civilly.
    I am also trying to give you some facts about this case that the O’dea family leaves out. No, I havent pointed out Ashley’s faults. There are enough people on the opposing side to do that.
    Ashley’s family wasn’t the ones calling DFS, the sheriff’s department, the DA, and other agencies on Cody. We understand that Ashley has responsibility for the way this has all turned out. She also accepts that.
    Ashley has spoken on this, read the archives on Shannon’s website.

    You may think we don’t understand family, but you are wrong. We just understand that family isn’t limited to those who are biologically related to you. Out view on family isn’t that limited. We also understand that it takes more than biology to be a parent. Our family has many blended familes. Are you saying that a step-parent can’t love a child as much as a biological child?
    I don’t dislike Melinda, I don’t know Melinda. Her actions in this case and the way she has dealt with my family members has been harsh, yes. However, I have no hard feeling towards her, or Cody, or anyone else in the O’dea family. Because guess what? That baby is half O’dea, and I love her. I would NEVER say disrespectful things to her about her family. I guess I understand that just adoption doesn’t mean they are not her family too.
    What works for us doesn’t work for everyone else. Ashley did what she felt she had to do.
    Again, the O’deas will have their day in court.
    I am sorry if you felt I was being rude…..that was not my intention at all. Again, I am just presenting some facts and the other side of the story. Do with it what you will.

  25. Kelly said,

    A friend,

    Hmmm; you need to read my blog; if you think I don’t feel a steparent isn’t family!

    Adoption; isn’t to be decided by the mother; and her family. How old are you? Do you understanmd parenting? I think not! Who should make decisions for the child; is momma; and daddy. I caught your family; knows the adoptive coouple very well; that disgusts me on many levels. Ask them how they sleep at night? Any adoptive couple; that would continue the process knowing that the father didn’t agree to this; are disgusting! You are veryuneducated on adoption; and the laws. My guess; is you are a young lady who is not a mother as of yet.

    I know Melinda; so I know the person she is. Yes; I seen all Ashley; and her friends comments on the site. But; we will not discuss that on Aislin’s blog; this is her blog; and you should have more respect then you come here with.

    Also; it is very interesting this post has been up for awhile; but you just started commenting on it. My guuess is; you started looking because the court date is so close; you wanted to see what people think would happen. If; Baby O’Dea isn’t return to her father that day; I pray for all of your souls that help steal that relationship from father/daughter. ANd; trust me on this; Baby O’Dea will resent all of you for keeping her from her father.

  26. A friend said,

    Kelly and Aislin,
    I understand you have very strong feelings about adoption. I am not trying to convince you that you have to change your views. I can even do that whithout character assassinations or judgments.

    Your assumptions about me are wrong, but that is really beside the point.

    And when you have a public blog, and ask for comments, can you really be angry when some of them might disagree with your opinions?

    I have not been rude, or harsh with either of you, despite being called stupid and having my character brought into question.

    I won’t be commenting again. Have a nice life.

    By the way, the court date has been changed to September 7th. Just thought you would like to know.

  27. A friend said,

    Sorry, there was a court clerical error, the date IS August 27th.

  28. aislin13 said,

    And don’t give me that nobody “blames” Ashley.
    Both of your are projecting your experiences into this case and it just isn’t true.
    You don’t KNOW the O’deas.

    Just to start with those come off as rude. Since it was already stated that we know the O’Deas and do not blame Ashley to keep saying otherwise is accusing us of lying. I have no way to know if you meant it that way and won’t hazard to guess but it is the way it seems.
    My warning was not only to you. You do not see every comment left here. The ones posted are the nicest so you can imagine the others. Not to mention the emails.
    I will say more when I get back. Got a bunch of stuff to do at the elementary school. Maybe that will cheer me up enough to be a nicer blogger today. It usually does

  29. Kelly said,

    A friend,

    Thank you; for telling me to have a nice life; we will! I will enjoy the peace, and quiet!


  30. Kelly said,

    A friend,
    He never offered to raise the baby, his mother did…and she was more of a stranger to the mother than the adoptive couple.

    How well does Ahley know the adoptive couple? This is avery strange comment! Ashley has a personal connection with the adoptive family? How did Ashley become so close to this couple with in three weeks?? My guess; since you feel this is part of your decision; is you are Ashley’s mother. Because; another family member having this much control; is scary. Which it’s very scary to for a mother(grandmother) to be ok with this; if they educated theirselves on adoption loss. I was glad for the quiet; but I realize I over looked that you said that Melinda was more of a stranger to Ashley; then the adoptive parents.Which; I am going to tell you again; I do not believe in adoption for a lot of reasons; one because our society has turned it in to something we should not have.

    Also; do you know open adopotion is not legally binding? Correct me; if I am wrong Aislin; but I am almost positive that not in any state its enforceable. The adoptive parents; can close the adoption any time they want to; without a reason.

  31. Ms.Anna said,

    sounds like the girls family or relatives still have the baby — they pushed the poor guy out

  32. Mary said,

    Kell there are two states where open adoption is legally enforcable, but even in those states it sucks. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse, open or closed adoption. I could never have walked the line I see other mothers walking in their so called “open adoptions” wherein the mother has absolutely no control and the arents have all the power in the world.. It is disgusting to me on so many levels I can’t even think coherently enough to write about it..

    And dear friend, you seem to think you coming here and saying so and so and such and such will convinvce any of us we are wrong. Go preach to the choir, we aren’t listening..

  33. JadedTears said,

    I’d like to know which states inforce open adoption?

  34. Lorri said,

    I had my daughter 18 years ago, I had arranged to place my child through adoption because of coercion from my mother, the day my daughter was born the arranged adoptive parents backed out. I told my mother that I was going to keep my baby, and I didn’t care if it cost me my families support. My baby couldn’t take formula, so I started breast feeding her because I planned to keep her anyway. I was scheduled to have my tubes tied the next day. After coming in and sedating me in order to take me to surgery, my mother brought in “medical release” papers for me to sign. I was drugged, I couldn’t read them, but my mom told me it was okay to sign them. So, I did. After my surgery when I was back in my room my mom came in and told me that she and my aunt had found a new adoptive family, and if I fought her she would have me locked up. I had a year-and-a-half year old son that needed me. My mother also showed me signed adoption papers and a power of attorney. These were my release papers. My choice was go home quietly without a fight, or go to a mental facility. I went home to my son. I wish I had had a gun. They stole my child, and that is the cruellest thing you can do to a parent. It is kidnapping, but because lawyers are involved, it is legal. While I don’t condone violence, I can understand the motivation behind it. She was injurred, and yet people are sorry for the baby thieves.

  35. Melinda O'Dea said,

    I posted this letter in and I will post it here for all who are following Cody’s battle. I’m Cody’s mom and little baby O’Dea’s grandma.

    I do have to say, my heart literally breaks hearing these stories from you precious ladies who were MORE than pressured to give your children up. THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE and I will not forget these stories or you precious ladies. Aong with my battle for my sons rights I will battle also for women who are being devistated by adoption. I can’t makes things ‘right’ for you as much as I would like to, but I can vow to try and make changes so the next poor woman coming down this path will be offered more protection and help than you all were.

    What you’ve gone thru has motivated myself and others to try and bring about changes and bring attention to the women devistated by adoption. You’re survivors and your life and the lives of your children have made a HUGE impact on me and others. I never really knew the depth of your pain because you all have been able to continue to smile and go on, hiding your deepest pain behind that smile. I never knew and I don’t think most people do….

    Ladies, I keep you in my prayers and can truly say from the bottom of my heart, we’re sisters, you’re family and I will bring your needs and stories with me as I go down this road.

    I’m praying for healing to come to you and praying you will find a voice in this world and the will to go forth and in time battle against the very thing that came against you. YOUR LIFE MATTERS GREATLY! This can be a very cold uncaring world. I THANK YOU LADIES for sharing with me so I could understand your pain. One who has been through this kind of pain can in turn be the ONLY one to help another in a simular circumstance because you know firsthand.

    God bless you my dear sisters, you are truly cared for and appreciated. You have touched my life so it will never be the same, I CAN’T FORGET YOU OR YOUR STORIES!!


    We just got back from Utah and are awaiting this judges decision. However he decides, it’s far from over.

    If we win, they will appeal, if they win we will appeal, and so the legal journey continues. I suppose they’re surprised we’re still battling considering how much it costs to fight for your rights. Cody O’Dea, a young man, verses the Adoption Center of Choice, a Corporation.

    Kinda like David and Goliath.

    It’s draining us financially for sure, but what price can you put on a life? I can’t put a dollar amount. Hey, it’s only money you know and I believe and have believed GOD will supply, and he has been!

    We’re prepared to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes. So to the couple who have Cody’s baby, don’t get too comfortable, we’re not stopping the fight.

    I’d thank you for caring for my granddaughter, but, no one in this family asked you to so we’re not thankful in the least. In fact, we’re appalled you took another mans baby forcing him to battle like this for her. You’re trying to steal her life, her affection, her bonding with her father. GOD hates injustice and thieving you know. She will understand when she is older what you did and what part you played in her life, only it will not be with fondness you will be remembered. The longer this takes, the more public interest we’re getting and with public interest comes public exposure. We have no problems having our name out there, do you?

    SHE NEVER WAS YOURS TO TAKE AND YOU CAN’T KEEP HER! You’ve always known this deep down inside, you should have listened to that voice instead of shutting it down because you coveted a child the Lord never said you could have.

    While we forgive you and hold no grudge, don’t mistake forgiveness for apathy. You cannot have our flesh and blood, you cannot, CANNOT have little BABY O’DEA and we’re not going to quit in the court.

    She’s coming to be with her father.

    WWJD? He is doing………. bringing her back to her daddy and about ready to make some changes in this Utah ‘fiasco’ that to many LOOKS LIKE an up and running baby mill with the Mormon Church being directly or indirectly involved. How sad you don’t recognize that. (By the way, this is my opinion and legally I have the right to freedom of speech to express my opinion.)

    What love this father has to battle as he is doing. This has consumed most of Cody’s life. How fortunate this baby is to have Cody as her father. How totally proud I am of my son.

    I will stand and back my son all the way in this battle.

    Thank you for your prayers all who are praying, thank you for your encouragement and thank you for including us in your lives. Many of you have suffered terribly in your own lives and the pain is still so very fresh.

    I recognize the gift you give of reaching out thru arms steeped in pain. I’m praying for healing and restoration for YOU and keeping YOU in my thoughts. You are not just a name on a blog, but someone special who has reached out to our family.

    I NEVER FORGET A KINDNESS or take it for granted.

    LADIES, things HAVE TO CHANGE! NO MORE preying on women to give up their babies when they have not totally decided that is what they want and no more taking mens children away from their natural father when they do not want to give up their children.

    There’s a place for adoption, but this is becoming a business with fewer children being surrendered because women now abort or keep their children and raise them alone. Society has changed and I suppose for baby mills, they have to have new tactics to get their ‘product’.

    ATTENTION BABY MILLS, you’re destroying lives and you WILL ANSWER TO GOD over how you used your life.

    Now, I never mentioned any place by name, so if you don’t feel you run a baby mill you should not be offended. In fact, you should disdain baby mills because they make you look bad also.

    HOWEVER, if I hear from you, that tells me something, a WHOLE LOT OF SOMETHING!

  36. Shasta Wright said,

    I have been follow the cases of several people effected by the questionable practices of The Adoption Center of Choice and the adoption laws in Utah. I have read may articles and blogs on both sides of this issue.

    I have a comment for “A Friend”.. Why would a “mother” and I use that term loosely list her occupation as BABY SELLER?!?!?!?
    Because Ashley does on her myspace page! If it was meant as a joke of some sort in response to the legal battle over baby O’Dea then it is a SICK SICK joke and I personally do not understand how a “mother” could even joke about something like that.

    I have members of my family who were adopted and I think adoption is a great thing. There are many children in the foster care system waiting for a family to love them and care for them. However, I think there are many agencies that manipulate mothers and adoptive parents for the agencies own financial gain. There are many agencies that prey on confused women and desperate childless couples who want nothing more than to be parents. The laws need to change! Indiana has a very strict adoption laws and that is why many people go to states like Utah where they can circumvent father’s rights. “A Friend” I ask you this question… Why if (according to you) Cody O’Dea never had any interest in raising his & Ashley’s child then WHY did Ashley run to Utah to give the baby up? Why didn’t she include Cody in the adoption process? I don’t know who your are in relation to Ashley and honestly I do not care if you are her mother or some other family member here is what I do care about… There is a child that has family that wants to be part of her life!! Why are you & your family doing everything in your power to deny Cody his rights?? And as for your comments about Melinda O’Dea.. She is a woman who is supporting her sons fight to get back his daughter who was taken from him!!! She is putting this case out there to gain attention to the injustices that are happening in Utah against fathers! I respect Melinda and what she is doing.. She wouldn’t have to do all of this if Ashley would have done the right thing in the first place!! She knew Cody wanted to keep the baby when he stopped the adoption through LDS!! Yet she then when to another state and another agency that would go through with the adoption despite Cody’s rights and desire to raise his daughter!!

  37. Farren Chase said,

    This baby belongs with the father for sure!

  38. Kathy Caudle said,

    Hi, Melinda: Adoption racketeering in Utah is headed by Mormon church adoption lawyer David McConkie of Salt Lake City-based Kirton & McConkie. He and Larry Jenkins, the lawyer for the agency that stole your grand-daughter, often work together to transact adoption cases in Utah. Also, David McConkie oversees Utah’s putative father registry. I hope this information is helpful to you and Cody. God bless. Kathy Caudle-Salt Lake City, UT

  39. Andrea said,

    Did Jamie ever get her daughter back?

    • aislin13 said,

      No she did not

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