The Big Test

October 2, 2007 at 9:08 am (adopted, adoptee, adopting, adoption, adoption reform, birthmother, birthparents, first mother) (, , )

Some of you already know the big test was today. I was scared to death. I got lost on the way. No one could get time off so I had to go alone and to top it off, one of the cars broke down. So get start. But I made it and that is what counts.

I was so tense I swear I could have cried at any minute. The room was silent for the first ten minutes. I think I was too scared to talk and they were just following my lead. I just stared at the screen trying to make out anything that shouldn’t be there or notice the lack of something that should.

Then it happened. I saw a perfectly formed tiny foot. All the fear melted away and I couldn’t help but giggle as the foot keep kicking at the probe. I guess my giggle was the cue because we all started talking about how much the Bean was kicking.

We joked about the obvious problems with authority and attitude the Bean already has. When we were trying to get a face shot you could see the tiny mouth moving and already telling us to get lost. This womb belongs to the Bean and we do not need to be poking around.

So everything looks good. Kindeys, heart, spine, long legs, feet, head, brain and numerous other things look perfect. All those prayers paid off.

So without further ado…. I would like formally introduce you to MJ. My daughter aka the Bean



  1. mama2roo said,

    That makes me very happy for you AND for the Bean.

  2. justenjoyhim said,

    That is the most wonderful news EVER!! I am very very happy for you and the bean. YAY!!!

  3. Tonya said,

    fantastic news!!

  4. Coco said,

    HOORAY! I’m so glad you got good news!

  5. Mary said,

    I miss you lady and you know how I feel right?

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