February 6, 2008 at 12:09 pm (adoption)

princess-bean.jpg   I have no clue how to do this picture stuff. I probably won’t leave this up long. I just wanted to show her off a bit.



  1. mama2roo said,

    Oh, she’s just beautiful!! Congratulations! I’ve often wondered what happened with the pregnancy…Thanks for sharing!

  2. HeatherRainbow said,

    ((Aislin)) She is beautiful!!!

  3. Gershom said,


  4. Meggles said,

    Gorgeous little bean! Love ya chica!

  5. JadedTears said,

    She’s 2perfect!!! =)

  6. reunionwritings said,

    I know I’m very late but CONGRATULATIONS!!! She’s gorgeous.

  7. justice said,

    Adorable. Adored.

  8. Coco said,

    I’m also late to the game, Aislin, but she is simply beautiful and perfect in every way! Congratulations to you, and welcome to your sweet baby girl. 😀

  9. Tonya said,

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Congratulations again to you and your family.

  10. bfg said,

    She is beautiful, as is your love for both your children.

  11. Linda Webber said,

    She is such a beautiful baby and she has such an awesome mommy.ALL of your children are precious and someday your precious baby girl who you lost and she lost to the adoption industry and greed will know the truth and will come home to where she belongs.I taught my sons that in this lifetime they may not get everything they want.It appears that too many that are infertile have not be told this and expects there are all these fertile women just wanting to surrender their babies to them.Our society has become of the mind-set that if they want “it’and can buy “it”they are entitled to it.They include other womens children in this entitlement thinking.And then to ease any guilt they might feel they throw God wanting it to happen.I would like to say it isn’t God that made it happen ;it is paying the “fees’ to the over 2 billion dollar industry that made it happen..It is just plain evil so they need to leave God out of it.

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