June 21, 2008 at 10:08 am (adopted, adoptee, adopting, adoption, adoption reform, birthmother, birthparents, first mother, justice, Uncategorized)

I finally joined the password club. I’m kinda raw about some things right now and I don’t feel like dealing with the Jims of the world. If you want the password drop me a comment or email


  1. heatherrainbow said,

    welcome to the club of writing our truths, and establishing healthy boundaries. 🙂 I would like to read, if you don’t mind. (((hugs)))

  2. linda said,

    You don’t know me, but I started reading your blog to try to understand what my mother is going through. We have just reunited in March, and reading first mother’s blogs has really really opened my eyes to her pain. It has allowed me to step outside my “issues” and connect more with her.
    If you feel it is ok, I would like to read your posts. I think my email shows up when I post. I hope you are feeling better.

  3. clare said,

    hi aislin I’m clare. I’ve been reading your blog since about the fall. I’ve commented a couple of times. I hope you will let me continue to read your blog. Since I found you I have been reading a lot of firstmothers blogs and it has really opened my eyes. I hope all your family is doing well thanks so much! clare

  4. Sarah said,

    Hi, I just started reading your blog, and would like to continue. I am a birthmom of twins, that I relinqushed in 2004. I am glad that there is a blog like this out there.

  5. Kathy Moore said,

    Hello ~ I am a BSE natural mother, your blog was highly recommended. I would very much like to read.


  6. Sunny said,

    Hi M,

    Hope you are okay. Love to you and your baby. xx

  7. Mary said,

    Just me kiddo… passy please? I miss you btw! Call me!

  8. mombonnie said,


    I’m a Mom who was found last year by my son. I would like to be able to read your blog, and am asking for the password, please:)


  9. lissa said,

    Hi Aislin,

    I have also recently found your blog. I am a mother. I lost my daughter to adoption 18 years ago. My life has been a nightmare of pain and rage. I would be glad to continue reading your blog.


  10. clare said,

    hi Aisling
    would it be possible for me to get the password? I’ve been reading for about a year and a half now and would love to know how your visit went. So glad you were at least able to see her thank you clare

  11. Kim said,

    I am new in reunion with my mother and learn so much from the experiences of others. Can I get a password?

  12. Virginia said,

    I am a birthmom, reunited with my birthson two years ago. I have a blog also. The link is here, and I would be interested in a password, so I can read about your experience as well.

  13. Myst said,

    Hi Aislin… I was wondering if I could possibly get a password too? I am another keen to see how your visit went…

    Thanks 🙂


  14. lissa said,

    Hi again Aislin… sorry to pest… I haven’t seen the email you sent me with the password?? You mentioned it got sent back to you?

  15. lara said,


    hey.. I sent you an e-mail and it didn’t go through.
    I hope you remember me.

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