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I know you’ve all missed me terribly. Can’t live without me and all that jazz. In all seriuosness I want to that those of you that emailed me. It really meant a lot to me. I also have to say I am sorry. I consider some of those brave souls in cyberland to be very dear friends. I deeply value those friendships. I wouldn’t have survived without them. However, I have been a bad friend. I pulled the very same disappearing act that I complained about. I am so very sorry M, T, L and T. I hope you can forgive me.

Now on to the why of it all. Plain and simple the visit fucked me up. Seeing my beautiful girl for a couple hours and then watching her leave again tore me up in new ways. Ways I didn’t expect or prepare for. The depression kicked in and I stayed away one day. Then it turned into one week and so on. When I finally realized what I was doing I was met with another roadblock.

I crashed my dumb computer. Just don’t tell Hedge cause I let him believe he did it with one of his games. So shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyway, I will be back to write about the “joy” of adoption in the natural family. Call me. Email me. Comment. Know that I love you guys so very much



  1. Myst said,

    Hi! Great to see you have posted…. I have been visiting and wondering if you were okay.

    Just wanted to say I can relate to your comments about how you felt after the visit. I haven’t read that post so I ave no idea what went on but I can speak from my own experience and they are so very, very hard. I am seeing my daughter on Sunday and am so very nervous and yet so numb…

    Flick me an email if you ever want to vent or talk about what is going on… Take care,

    Myst xxx

  2. heatherrainbow said,

    hey there aislin! I’ve been thinking of you and checking in. Worried about you. Glad you are back!!! Sending lots of warm hugs!!!!

  3. Mary said,

    Babe, you know I get it, probably better than alot of folks do.. I love you sweetheart~

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