Utah at it Again

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I was reminded this morning of an email exchange in my recent past about Utah. I asserted that it was common knowledge in the adoption community that if you wanted to get around a father’s rights you go to Utah to file for adoption. I was told I had no clue what I was talking about and that Utah is not the hot spot for adopting kids whose father’s want to parent. I decided it was not worth the time and effort to continue with the email exchange and have not spoken with this person again. If I could talk to them right now all I would say is …… Oh Really?


The father of baby Emma and his mother will be on the CBS Morning Show tomorrow. This is just the latest case. I hope this father is able to fight until his daughter is returned.

Need more ?






Cody O’dea

Micheal Marek

Mario Garcia Beltran

Frank Osborne

Buddy Pruitt

Victor Johnson

George McCormick

Need I go on?

And this doesn’t even touch on the things done to mothers who set foot in Utah. Let’s not forget the Baby Tamia case. How many father’s were not emotionally or financially able to fight. This has to stop! The state of Utah does not get to decide for the rest of the country who does and does not deserve to be a parent. This is plain and simple kidnapping



  1. Carol said,

    It is sad that both mothers and fathers are disposable, and that in infant adoption they will pit mothers and fathers against one another for good measure. The mormons are just racking up the souls going to … where ever they go in that religion.

  2. justenjoyhim said,

    Ugh. These cases make me sick.

  3. Clare said,

    And you might already have been following this one
    http://www.familyfishbowl.blog spot.com
    father wanted to parent but after a year was apparently worn down.

    • aislin13 said,

      I am so upset tohear this. I was hoping this father would get his child back. I will never understand how you can look a man in they eyes and the hosital and walk away with the very child he had come to claim. Its sick,cold, heartless and cruel. These people should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. maybe said,

    I hope they are brave enough to use the term “kidnapping.” They should not address this situation as an adoption in any way – it is KIDNAPPING, pure and simple.

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