Proud ADOPTIVE mommies and why they should shut up

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I have debated on how to address this for hours and have decided that I will just give it its own post. I got a lovely comment on 11-12-2010 from a person calling themselves Proud Adoptive Mommy. I have not published this comment because of how disturbing it is.  However, I don’t feel that I can just let it go.

I will edit all comments that are abusive to say something you will not like. I will report any comments that I feel are threatening to myself, my readers or just anyone at all to the police. I do keep track of IP addresses for just this reason. I will edit out any use of birth terms in any and all comments. If you do not like it weellllll shut up and go away



  1. Linda said,

    It must be the week for these types. The world needs to know how despicable they are, so I am going to publish them. Sadly, they usually hide behind the anonymous button. But they are not anonymous to an IP tracker.

    • aislin13 said,

      I normally publish all comments but this one was just so bad. Wishing suicide on mothers and talking about how happy they were that a young mother took her life. Then threatening violence on another minor. That comment went straight to the authorities along with the IP address. Plus I saw it on my daughter’s birthday so I just changed it to something more honest for my amusement.

      • andrea said,

        Wishing suicide on mothers? Was she talking about Melissa? How can someone be that heartless and cruel? I dont think i will ever understand the cruelness in this world

      • aislin13 said,

        She was relpying directly to you. I won’t go into what all she said because it was cruel and the police are looking into certain parts of it.

        She has earned herself a special honor on my blog. Her comment was changed to something I am sure she hates and I will continue to change any future comments to the meanest thing I can think of. It takes a lot for me to get to that point. I normally let even the nasiest comments be published. This one crossed many lines and I am not playing her game. It was clear she was out to hurt and intimidate you. She is the scum of the arth. Don’t let it get to you

      • HeatherRainbow said,

        Ewww…. reminds me of those psycho women who go out and butcher pregnant women and steal their babies. Chills. I hope you press as many charges, etc, as you can. Disturbing.

  2. Myst said,

    Wow, she is a nasty piece of work. I already saw one of her comments. Oh well. She is just an angry little woman lashing out because she is an adoptress. Showing her true colours. Actually surprising how many are really like this under all the fake smiles and “lets be positive” crap.

    A typical adoptress and why adoption is just so ugly. Anyone who wishes any of these things on another human being is not worthy of taking up air space.

    An unimpressed Myst

    • aislin13 said,

      Wellllll I did hange her whole comment into something I found more suitable. She didn’t write that. I doubt she will be pleased when she sees it but not my problem. I won’t publish the trash she did write. The police were very interested though

      • Myst said,

        I am intrigued. Feel free to send it to my hotmail addy if you want to share. I hope the police pay her a little visit. Good on you for doing what you did. Anyone who wishes things like suicide on ANYBODY is really crossing every moral and ethical line possible. What is this person’s problem?? All it does is go to show how right we are in our estimation of most adopters. Not all of them but most of the ones I see all over the net and those I meet IRL are like this and they have no right to be.

        Good on you Aislin. What a nasty piece of work.

  3. andrea said,

    I finaly have some good things to talk bout. Emma is gonna see her first mommy on web cam on thanksgiving!!! We’re not gonna tell her that its her first mommy but that my friend wants to see her and talk to her =) =)

    • aislin13 said,

      OMG that is so wonderful!!

  4. andrea said,

    I was researching adoption for my research paper for englis and came across this saying, ‘It isn’t like she’s dead dor anything’. It hit home, really hit home

    I really dont know why i’m telling you guys this. It has nothing to do with adoption but seeing that saying made me think of it and maybe its why i dont feel the same way as everyone i know does about adoption

    I live in TN but am from New York City. My mom was an art dealer. Her assistant called in sick so my mom had to deliver a painting herself. The man who wanted it asked her to bring it to his work. So on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, my mom went into the North Tower. She survived….physically. She is now in a mental institutionl bc she will not eat and has not talked since that day except screaming in her dreams.

    When i first moved here and told people my story one girl said at leaast she isnt dead. No she isn’t but she isnt here either. The woman i visit on holidays when my family goes back to NY isnt the mother i know.

    I think its kinda the same for all of you. Your children are alive and you know that but their not with you.

    Like i said i do not know why i am writing this really. I hope you dont mind me using your blog as a way for me to release my confusion and saddness. If you do tell me and i will not do it again.

    • aislin13 said,

      I do not mind at all. It opens up some good discussions since I haven’t been able to write lately. I think your story is a good comparison. Your mom and our children are alive. However, because of what happened all of our dreams, hopes and plans for the future have died. The person we knew is gone and might as well be dead because they can never come back. They are changed forever. I experienced this with my brother to a lesser degree when he returned from Iraq. The little brother I grew up with is forever gone. It took me a long time to be able to acept that and embrace him for who he is. I think it is much harder to aceptwhen its your child because of the very primative and primal instincts we have to protect our children. Its so very hard to explain. I bet when you fall in love and start your own family you will look back on these discussions and just think OMG. The physical and emotional bonds are life changing. Your children really do become everything. Its hard to live when your everything is removed. I am deeply sorry about your mother. It can’t be easy. I am also sorry people are so dismissive of your pain. You have every right to feel the way you do. She is your mother and she was taken from you. I will keep her in my thoughts and hope they can find some help and relief for her.

  5. Andrea said,

    Talked to Emma’s first mom thurs. We talked for a little bit and then i got Emma =) The moment she saw her daughter was unbelievably beautiful. Emma is very talkative and Britany was more than happy to listen. Emma became restless fast though and started going through my things. I moved the cam so she could watch. I also brought Katie and she loved seeing Emma playing with her sister And my aunt hasn’t found out. I’m so happy that i did it. =)

    • aislin13 said,

      aww I am so glad it went well. I bet that meant the world to her

  6. CJW said,

    why is it so terrible for adoptive parents to be proud? It sounds like she said some really awful and hateful things but is it really so terrible for an adoptive parent (or any parent for that matter) to call themselves a proud parent??

    • aislin13 said,

      No honey. That was her name. She posted as ProudAdoptiveMommy and then threatened the life of a child and gloated about a mother commiting suicide as well as saying she hoped others would commit suicide. The title is so she knows I am speaking of her. She probably couldn’t have missed the fact I was talking to her but I wanted to make sure. Its really just her name. Nothing more, nothing less

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