Another Child Being Held in Utah

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I was recently contacted by a father trying to stop his daughter from being adopted. He has asked for any advice and help he can get. Please help him if you can. Even just getting his story out is a great help.

My name is Keary Watson and I am the proud birth father of a beautiful baby girl named Elizabeth Renee Watson. She was born on August 11th 2010. I want to start out by thanking you for taking the time to visit this site and taking the time to hear my story. I love my daughter dearly and will do everything in my power to have her home with me where she belongs.

My daughter Elizabeth has recently been placed with a family for adoption without my knowledge or consent. Her mother, Rebecca Prestwich made the terrible decision to “sell” my daughter to a family within the LDS church in the state of Utah without my knowledge or consent. Rebecca has signed away her parental rights and placed Elizabeth with an adoptive family. She did this AFTER Elizabeth was two months old. As Elizabeth’s father I cannot comprehend how Rebecca could make the choice to sell our beautiful daughter away to strangers. These actions sadden my heart. I have always made Rebecca aware that I am her father and will always take care of my child. I cannot understand why she would have chosen this option but sadly she has. I pray that Rebecca can live with the decisions that she has made and I seek comfort in knowing that I will correct the bad choice Rebecca has made and will never give up trying to do so.

It appears as though I have a bigger battle ahead of me to get Elizabeth back home than I ever imagined. Over the last two weeks I have been made aware of A LOT of other cases similar to mine. This is prevalent throughout the US with many birth mothers doing this in the state of Utah because of laws that exclude birth fathers. I am fighting for my legal rights as her biological father to get my daughter back. I did not give up my daughter for adoption. I would NEVER give my daughter up for adoption. I am her natural father and I am her recognized legal father on her birth certificate. I have been a part of my daughter’s life since the moment of conception and have continued to be her father in the fight to get her back home with me where she belongs.

Please help me to spread the word and what I am fighting for. From reading other cases it is people like you who are helping make a difference. Again, I would like to thank you in advance for any help you give. Words cannot express my gratitude.

I am requesting donations to cover legal expenses, travel and accommodations in Utah where my daughter is being kept. Please visit the link if you can help.

I would also like to ask everyone to take the time to write the Utah Attorney Generals office and the US Department of Justice about my case. The more people start talking about baby brokering/human trafficking by people abusing Utah laws – the more the authorities are going to look into it.


US Department of Justice


Mr. Dustin PeadUS Department of Justice185 South State Street, Suite 400Salt Lake City, Utah. 84111Phone: 801-524-6924 Fax: 801-524-5682,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

We have made a facebook page for anyone that would like to show their support!/pages/Give-Elizabeth-Back-to-Her-Daddy-Keary/123989397664887



  1. Becky Prestwich said,

    Keary has not paid a dime for his daughter. He is now finally stepping up and doing what a responsible parent should do. He is also not loosing his daughter to adoption and he knows it. Elizabeth is safe with her mother. whom she has been with since birth. He claims that I’m “selling” our child, which is a total lie. Baby selling is illegal. He has a way of twisting the truth in his favor.

    A “father” should provide for his child, not just expect the mother to do it all. Being a father starts at conception, not just after birth.

    • aislin13 said,

      Rebecca I would love to hear your side of the story. I am not going to get into the amount of money that has or has not been speant. Child support and visitation are not connected in courts for a reason. I am very glad to hear Elizabeth is safe with her mother as she should be. I am aware baby selling is very illegal but it still happens more than most would think.
      If you don’t mind I have a few questions. How did the whole adoption subject even get brought up? Why do you think Keary would lie about this? How are you sure Keary knows there will be no adoption? Who are the the Doman’s and what is their connection to all of this?
      As for your last line I have to disagree. In a perfect world that might be true. We do not live in a perfect worls. There are many cases where a father is not sure the child is his until after the birth. Some men do not need DNA proof but some do. It is unfair to expect a man to support a woman who may or may not be pregnant with his child. Being a father has never really started at conception. Men have always been somewhat removed from the unborn child. They do not have the same magical bond. Their bond starts after birth. They may love the unborn child beyond reason but the real emotions and everything that goes with them come at birth when they finally meet their child. That is a magical moment of its own.

  2. Pregnant? Scared? Stay away from Utah. « Reform Adoption said,

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  3. Liberty said,

    Interesting story. Have we heard back from the father? Any updates on the case?

  4. Pregnant? Stay away from Utah « Reform Adoption said,

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  5. Clare said,

    per Facebook, Keary’s daughter was returned to him before the end of January! Here is another heartbreaking case about Utah. This father provided support all through the pregnancy. He never gave up custody. He was kicked out of the hospital by security when he tried to see his newborn daughter. The mother and baby were brought to a hotel and the would be adopters left directly from there to take her to Utah. The state of Virginia (where Emma was born) has absolutely confirmed John’s custody of his daughter. But the courts in Utah haven’t felt like listening to Virginia and want to pretend the baby is available for adoption. She just turned two in February and her father has still never been allowed to see her! On September 9 2010 the Utah Supreme Court heard baby Emma’s case, her father’s arguement to bring her home. Six months and three days later they all still wait. I’ve followed the case on Facebook and many people seem to think that Utah will return Emma to her father (since there is no justification for them to be seperated) but they somehow want to figure out a way to do it without setting a precedent for all the other cases in Utah. here’s the link

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