Holy Hell (language warning)

May 27, 2008 at 1:38 pm (adoption)

Ran accross this gem of a comment tonight while working on something else.

Anti-adoption advocates hate infertile couples in general, seeing us as the problem. What they fail to realize is that many, many infertile couples have NO desire at all to adopt. For us, adoption would only be a VERY LAST RESORT.

That’s right, birthmothers – your child would be a last resort for us, whether you like that or not. Your child is not the great prize you may think he is. What most of us want most is our own biological child!

Thank God for advances in reproductive medicine. IVF success rates are improving all the time. I predict in the future there will be a lot fewer people adopting or fostering children, because they will be able to have their own child.

Where to start….. thanks for the honesty I guess. I hope this goes on the first page of your homestudy. I hope you are never ever allowed to adopt or even be near kids. In fact don’t even look at kids. your stupidity might be catching.

I don’t hate infertile couples in general. I hate very specific infertile people. Yeah so its a large number of them but it is still specific. I think the true issue here is that you hate fertile people. Or maybe you hate your own infertile ass self. Fertile women did not make you infertile.

I am torn over praying IVF works for you or not. I would pray so that you never have to use your last resort of adoption but then I think about those genes passing on. If our children are so unwanted by people like you then why do you pay so much to steal them? And just for the record all my children are exactly the prize I think they are and you would be fucking lucky to ever even lay eyes on them. To even talk about a child’s worth in that way is sick. You are one emotionally disturbed bitch.

So how about this. You leave all the babies with their real mommies and take your hate elsewhere. I do thank you for the lovely tidbit I now have to show any pregnant women asking about adoption. This should help them a lot.



  1. justenjoyhim said,

    You said it in just the right way. Thank you.

  2. Possum said,

    “If our children are so unwanted by people like you then why do you pay so much to steal them?”

    Here – here.
    Love this post.
    Hate infertile, selfish cows like this commenter – that can’t think of anyone else – but themselves.
    I feel great sadness for any child that comes into her care – bio or adopted.
    Thanks for posting this.
    Poss. xxx

  3. HeatherRainbow said,

    wow… thanks for assuming my feelings. No, I Don’t hate infertile people… lest I also hate myself, since I have secondary infertility. Ooops… you forgot to address that one.

  4. JadedTears said,

    The selfish only think of themselves… so to think about what would happen to a family or a child will never enter thier mind.
    “In fact don’t even look at kids. your stupidity might be catching.” I about died laughing.

  5. Cassi said,

    This statement shows exactly where the truth of “selfishness” lies. Young pregnant woman are told over and over again how “selfish” they will be if they keep their baby. But the true ones who are “selfish” are those like this poster who walk around with the “me,me,me” attitude. Way to go poster, you finally proved what us moms who have lost our children have been saying for a long time.

  6. Kelly said,

    OMG; how sad that lad is:( GRRRRRRR:(


  7. Kelly said,

    Oops lady; sorry:( was typing to fast!!

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