My boy

June 12, 2008 at 5:15 am (adoption)

All of my kids are spectacular. They are kind, compassionate, smart, funny and so much more. I really could go on and on about each one of them but that is not why I started this blog so I haven’t done it. My 9 year old son has made me so proud that I figured I would brag and give you a glimpse into my every day life. (believe it or not I’m rarely angry and bitter)

My 9 year old son has earned the nickname of Stinky Pete so I will just call him that on here. Stinky Pete became very aware of what cancer is at a young age when I was diagnosed. I’ve been healthy for seceral years and we just stopped talking about it. A couple months ago their school did Relay for Life which brought up the subject again. (They raised over $3000 ….. go kids!) It was then that Stinky Pete started asking me hard questions. It had never occurred to him that kids get cancer too. He met a young girl going through chemo and it changed him forever.

Stinky Pete has been growing out his hair for 2 years. It started because he wanted to look like his uncle. He missed his uncle terribly when he was stationed in the Middle East. so when my brother grew out his hair Stinky Pete did too. Living in the south summers with long hair are miserable. Plus his hair tangles and is a pain to brush. I told him it was time to cut it. I was tired of brushing out tangles for 30 minutes every morning while he yelled ouch.

My announcement was met with a flood of tears. I told him it wasn’t that bad and we wouldn’t cut it too short. Still he cried. Between sobs he managed to say …….

Him :  No mama you don’t understand. Its only 6 inches long and I need at least 10 inches before I cut it.

Me : What in the world are you taking about?

Him: I need my hair 10 inches long before I cut it so I can send it to those people. I measured it last night and its only 6 inches long. Please mama please don’t cut it yet!  The sick kids need it.

I finally figured out he had been measuring his hair for months just waiting to hit the magic 10 inch mark. He learned about Locks of Love at school. He decided he wanted to donate his hair and just never told us. Needless to say his hair is still growing. I will proudly brush it out in the morning.

Stinky Pete is one special kid and I couldn’t be prouder.



  1. JadedTears said,

    My daughter is doing the same thing for Locks of Love. When I found out I was pg with my last child I cut my hair really short. The woman at the salon asked me if I wanted to donate it. I said with a big grin “Of course I do!” When I got home that night I told my dtr about Locks of Love and the kids with cancer that need wigs made out of our hair. She said “I don’t want my hair cut until I can give it to Locks of Love.” She is now 10 yrs old and has enough hair but she wants a girl to have long hair just like hers. So we will wait a little bit longer. lol
    I wish that adults could follow the hearts of kids for awhile. I think there would be a ton less heartache in this world if we just helped each other rather then hurt one another.

  2. darla said,

    Just fyi in case your kids ever run across it, some of the hair they take in does not go to cancer patients, they sell a lot of it to wig-makers. So they still get some money from the sale, but a lot of the hair itself doesn’t go to the cancer patients. A ‘detail’, but one that people certainly don’t expect; is more widely known now thanks to the web; and is obviously contrary to their advertising.
    It’s been talked about many places on the internet, and can be googled, but the shortest, quickest notation of the basics would be wikipedia …
    Look under the criticisms

  3. heatherrainbow said,

    wow aislin!!! This post brought tears to my eyes!!! Stinky Pete is a very compassionate awesome son!!!!! I am very proud of him too! And proud of you too, for being an awesome mom to teach him such!!!

  4. JadedTears said,

    Now is the time for that other dood to come in here and read about this. It shows what I (and many others) already know. You truly are an uber way 2cool mom!!!

  5. abesheet said,

    Hey there..

    I was looking for an “about me” page. Couldn’t find it! I guess the title says it all.

    Anywho.. I’m sure you have a reason for feeling invisible. I, on the other hand, lived most of my life WANTING to be invisible, always felt like a stuck out like a sore thumb. But in the end, I learned (or decided) that the only person who cares about you is yourself. You are your own spectator, judge, and the only person who really knows what this person that you are is capable of. I’m sure we all feel we are a certain way. I know for sure we want to be seen a certain way. Yet most of us sit around waiting for somebody to tell us apart and bring us out into the light. It’s sad and pathetic. But i’m not saying “sad and pathetic” as a judge, i’m saying it as somebody who has been there and felt it all. So…. shine! Please! Change the dark look of your blog, sprinkle some color on it, a color that represents you as an individual. I’m sure ppl would take notice. And when they do not: make em!! You deserve color! Coz you are one in 7 billion!

    Good luck!

    Better yet…


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