March 19, 2007 at 6:09 pm (adoption)

I am so sick of hearing how grateful I should be. I have contacted numerous lawyers who all have the same party line. “Yes it was illegal how they got
your  daughter but in our opinion you should just go home and be grateful you have  visitation and get pictures”

 Grateful for what? For having my daughter
stolen?  Maybe for the three hour long visits I get a year. I love the pictures but they  should have been taken on my camera. How can I be grateful for
anything after  they ripped my daughter away from me illegally.

Maybe it makes me a bad person  but I’m not grateful. I hate every last one of them. They are evil, selfish,  greedy people who care nothing for me or my daughter.

She is a possession to  them. A status symbol. Something they bought and sold. And I am an
annoyance. If  I don’t shut up and be a good little girl they won’t let me see her again. Well  I refuse to lay down like a beaten dog. What they did was wrong! I will scream  it from the rooftops for anyone who will listen to hear. I will scream about it,  write about it, paint about it and anything else I can think of.

They might take  away my visits but I will give my daughter something far more important. When  she grows up she will know that I raged and fought for her. I will give her a  mother that didn’t just take it. I will give her a mother that kicked and  screamed until someone noticed. And maybe I can save someone else from the pain  I have to endure in the process.


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