Lies, lies, lies

April 11, 2007 at 4:40 am (adoption, first mother)

Here I go probably getting myself in trouble but what do I care….

 Open adoption is a loving and compassionate option for you. When you contact us you will find caring and helpful counselors who will provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your baby.

All of the information except the lifelong effects on othe the mother and the child. Thanks for the heads up about the PTSD, nevberending grief, higher rates of suicide, Oh and let’s not forget the secondary infertility.

You choose the amount of contact you would like with your baby.

When the hell did this happen? Last I checked open adoption was not legally enforcable. Not only that the adoptive parents call the shots. Damn I could have been running the show all along. Wow I must have dropped the ball on this one.

With open adoption your child will know you love them and you will know they are loved because you chose their adoptive parents.

Right up until they slam that open adoption shut in your face.
An open adoption is where there is full disclosure of identifying information between the adoptive parents and birthparents. This means that an adoptive parent will know your full name, your address as well as your medical history.

And here it is hidden behind several links. That is all open adoption is. The adoptive parents get your information. That;s it. You don’t get theirs unless they want you to. You don’t see the child unless they want you to. You don’t even get a single stinkin picture unless they want you to.

I was going to look at the birthfather page but it actually has no info on it besides a letter written by a happy bdaddy.

Professional counseling and support groups for birthparents during the open adoption process and after placement—including grief and loss counseling.
all I can do about this one is laugh, they only offer support groups for adoptive parents .

Ok I guess you can tell I hate these people. Hate is actually not a strong enough word. I am gonna go puke now

And now for my finally which will surly get me plenty of nasty comments….. I am offically starting Adoptive Mother’s Day in response to Birthmother’s Day. Fair is Fair!!! It will be celerated the day after Mother’s day. I will devote the next post to this exciting new holiday



  1. mom2one said,

    Wow. That’s so awful that they closed the adoption. Open adoption agreements should be legally binding.

  2. tld2cool said,

    I’m starting to believe that the “open” part means “open to hurt you over and over again”

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